Holiday with dog

So that you can find your way around with us and that a comfortable get-together is guaranteed, we have summarized a small "dog code":

-- leashes throughout the house and outside area,
    so that none of our other 4 or 2-legged friends need be afraid

-- you are also welcome to go into the breakfast room –
    but please NOT on the benches and chairs – take care of the other

-- please DON’T sleep in the bed, or jump on the chairs, benches and  
    couch -  we are sure, that you have your own great dog-blanket

-- if you are for some minutes alone in the room, please stay at
    your  blanket – we are sure, that you are not alone for the whole day

-- if you want to take a shower, in the garden there's a hose for you,
    but please DON’T use in the shower in the bathroom